“Your Invisible Power” by Genevieve Behrend

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“Hurry is fear, and consequently destructive.
In other words, when your understanding grasps the power to visualize your heart’s desire and hold it with your will, it attracts to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibrations of the law of attraction.

You realize that since order is heaven’s first law, and visualization places things in their natural order, then it must be a heavenly thing to visualize. Everyone visualizes, whether he knows it or not. Visualizing is the great secret of success.” -Genevieve Behrend

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Genevieve Behrend was the only personal student of Thomas Troward the master of “Mental Science”.

“Your Invisible Power” is a powerful, yet simple guide. This book can teach you how to use the power of visualization and other processes taught by Thomas Troward to transform your life.

Behrend says, “We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realize that for a cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind.”

From 1912 to 1914, Genevieve Behrend’s life focused solely on the wisdom and philosophy of Thomas Troward (1847- 1916) whose influential and compelling ideas provided much of the groundwork to the spiritual philosophy known today as New Thought.

As the awareness of ’mental science’ was taking shape, Troward imparted his personal insight to only one pupil who could perpetuate this knowledge and share it with the world. YOUR INVISIBLE POWER remains Behrend’s most powerful and popular work.

Inside your personal free ebook copy of Your Invisible Power, the timeless masterpiece by Genevieve Behrend...

 About Genevieve Berend
 Order of Visualization
 How to Attract To Yourself The Things You Desire
 Relation between Mental and Physical Form
 Operation of Your Mental Picture
 Expressions from Beginners
 Suggestions for Making Your Mental Picture
 Things to Remember
 Why I Took Up the Study of Mental Science
 How I Attracted to Myself Twenty Thousand Dollars
 How I Became The Only Personal Pupil of Thomas Troward
 How To Bring The Power In Your Word Into Action
 How To Increase Your Faith
 The Reward of Increased Faith
 How to Make Nature Respond to You
 Faith with Works - What It has Accomplished
 Suggestions as to How to Pray or Ask
 Things to Remember

Genevieve’s book has been written for the purpose of furnishing you a key to the attainment of your desires, and to explain that fear should be entirely banished from your consciousness in order for you to obtain possession of the things you want.

This presupposes, of course, that your desire for possession is based upon your aspiration for greater happiness. For example, you feel that the possession of more money or friends will make you happier, and your desire arises from a conviction that their possession will bring you freedom and contentment.

In your effort to possess, you will discover that the thing you most need is to consistently “be” your best self.

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